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Donaldson's true care warranty

Our unbeatable True Care Warranty sets us apart from any other home service company!

Get a new furnace and air conditioning system with our True Care Warranty for 10-15yrs of coverage, free ongoing perks & upgrades, and a free maintenance inspection every year as our way of keeping you safe & comfortable. True Care helps you get the longest life out of your new heating and cooling system. Call us for a quote on a new furnace and air conditioner with True Care.

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what's included With True care?

10-15 parts & labour Coverage

Standard manufacturer warranties only cover 10 years of limited parts and do not cover any labour charges. One of the ways we stand behind our premium brands and our workmanship is by extending this warranty up to 15 years of both parts & labour for any pieces we install with the True Care Warranty coverage (at no extra charge to you!).

upgrade to a wifi thermostat

Let us know if you want to upgrade your thermostat at the time of your furnace replacement and we’ll put in a free WiFi thermostat for no additional fee. Ask your consultant what thermostats we carry.

Upgrade to a 5" Filter system

A standard furnace comes with a 1″ filter system. To better protect your furnace and your indoor air quality, we’ll upgrade you to a 5″ filter system for no additional cost. You likely won’t need to change your filter as often and helps better filter the air than a 1″.

free Annual maintenance check up

Once a year, WE CALL YOU to schedule your free annual maintenance. These maintenances are completely free and are required to maintain your 10-15 year True Care Warranty. An anual check up ensures your heating and cooling system is working safely, efficiently and ensure you get the longest life of out fo furnace. Technicians can check out you furnace so that it is working safely and efficiently and can help ensure you get the most use out of your system.

A free filter replacement included with every maintenance!

Priority Booking

Get the absolute earliest appointment available!  Call us for quote on a new furnace and air conditioning system with True Care.

Why should I do a maintenance every year?

The truth about maintenances

1. maintain your manufacturer warranty

Many standard manufacturers warranties only cover limited parts within the furnace or air conditioner for 10 years meanwhile the average life of a furnace is 14.7 years and there is more to an installation than the unit itself. These basic warranties do not cover any labour charges to actually fix the problem, manufacturers can be larger corporations where warranty claims take a couple months to process and consider their warranty void if a homeowner misses a single maintenance.

True Care Warranty is a Donaldson warranty included free to extend the manufacturer warranty and then some!

2. get the longest life out of your system

Dirty filters are the leading cause of premature failure. The filter performs two crucial duties: it cleans the air within your home allowing you to breathe better and it prevents build up of pollutants in your system. Dirty air filters can drive up the operating costs of both your heating and cooling system and are the leading cause for premature system failure. A new filter is included with a maintenance check (if required) and how often you should change your filter may vary. Experts suggest every 3 months but if you’re not sure, contact us today.

3. Maintenance for your furnace
= oil change for your car

Think about how long your furnace and air conditioner run…. Booking a professional furnace and air conditioner maintenance can optimize your energy efficiency and catch potential future breakdowns before they happen. An annual furnace maintenance also gives the Technician a chance to ensure your system is not only working efficiently, but safely.

Get the “True Care” you deserve with Donaldson’s True Care Warranty.

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