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Indoor Air Quality Systems & Service

The air we breathe inside our homes, schools, and offices can have an impact on our health and indoor air quality is and be a concern for many homeowners because it affects everyone in the home differently. For help with whole home humidifiers, HRVs, air filters, UV lights, call Donaldson today 519-439-4328.

Welcome to Indoor Air Quality 101.

Firstly, there are studies that show that air inside your home can be up to 5x MORE polluted than outside.

What happens is that particles like dust, mites, dirt, dander viruses and bacteria make their way inside then have no where to go. Everyday we are breathing all that in. We deal with ongoing air quality concerns in all types of homes… from century homes with poor insulation to newer home that are so air tight, there is no way for these pollutants to get out.

furnace with air cleaner

Here are some things you can do:

1) Capture large particles and optimize airflow by keeping a good routine with changing you furnace filter. 1″ & 5″ available.

2) Attract & capture even the finest pollutants & VOCs with a Trane CleanEffects 5″ whole home air cleaner

3) Kill bacteria & fight viruses by adding a UV air purifier to your system

5) Remove that stuffy air & improve air circulation with an HRV

Still not sure what would help? Talk to us about your home comfort issues today.

HRV Installation Services

“HRV” stands for heat recovery ventilator, and it’s an excellent way to provide fresh air to your home while savings the heat. There are many benefits associated with HRVs, including cycling clean air into your home and the old stale air out. HRVs can help control energy bills and are great for improved indoor air quality all year round.

Install & Repair UV Light Systems In London & Area

Mould, fungi, bacteria, and allergens can build up inside your furnace and in your air ducts. UV sanitation light systems are often used in medical settings to kill bacteria and viruses and can now be installed in your home. They are a chemical-free solution for killing and sterilizing your home HVAC system.

Humidifier Installation and Repair Services

If you live in a dry environment where you experience itchy skin, difficulty breathing, cracking in your furniture/antiques/instruments or lots of static, a whole home humidifier may improve your indoor quality. Talk to us about adding a humidifier and feel the difference.

Indoor Air Filtration Systems Installation And Repair

The Donaldson team of experts can help you choose the correct air filtration unit or make suggestions for improved indoor air quality for your home, needs, and budget. Don’t let allergens and poor indoor air affect your health!  Our top air filtration system is the industry leading Trane CleanEffects electronic air cleaner. Talk to us about a Trane CleanEffects today.

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