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HVAC & Home Services


HVAC Services For Heating and Cooling Systems

Serving London, St. Thomas, Woodstock & surrounding area, we repair and maintain nearly all makes, models and brands of furnaces. If your furnace is kicking on and off frequently, not keeping your house warm, there is water coming from the furnace or you are considering a new one, we can help! Maintenance plans are also available, contact us to learn more.

Heating Repairs & Service

Our 90-Day Diagnostic Guarantee and Lifetime Repair Guarantee ensures your Technician performs a thorough investigation on your furnace or boiler system and offers effective repair options.

New Furnace Installations

Your system keeps you comfortable long after it’s installed, so should the company that installed it. Check out what’s involved with a new furnace installation. 

Repairs & Replacement

Have a boiler? Not to worry – boilers are more common than you might think! We service, install and maintain various types of boiler systems. Send us a message or call us today for help with your boiler system.

Repairs & Replacement

Gas fireplace not working? Call us today for a maintenance, inspection or for a quote on a new one.


Air Conditioning Service & Repair
Call Now For Help with your Air COnditioning

We repair & maintain all makes, models and brands of central air conditioning systems. If your air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working properly or well-enough to maintain your desired temperature, something could be broken or it could be time for a replacement. Call now.

BONUS: Get a new air conditioner & Don’t Pay Until 2023


Maintain your AC for maximum efficiency or sign up for a Maintenance Care Plan to get the most out of your system.


We service and repair all air conditioner makes and models. Check out more on our air AC repair services here.


AC not working well? Check out our promotions, see what’s involved and get a brand new energy saving air conditioner.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we do not service or install sleeve, window, or portable air conditioners but we would like to suggest visiting a local hardware store.
call now for a plumber

We’ve added an amazing team of licensed plumbers to help with draining cleaning, leaks, water softener & filtration systems, repairs, fixture & faucet changes, additions, sump pumps and more. Our flat-rate pricing guarantee ensures you always know what you’re getting into before we start the job. 

+Water Heaters

Not happy with your current hot water service? The average life of a hot water heater tank is about 10 years. We remove old tanks and install brand new, energy efficient ones all the time. Both options available to rent, buy or finance (oac*). Now offering water filtration and water softener systems. If you’re looking for a new hot water system, read more or give us a call now for pricing.

+bathroom Renovations!

Not happy with your bathroom? Our expert contractors & professional tiler can help you love your bathroom again at a budget that works for you with partial and full bathroom renovations. From changing fixtures, painting, tiling, tub to shower conversion, we can help! Call us today for a free bathroom renovation quote. Financing OAC* and no deposit required!

Mini-Splits & heat Pumps
No ductwork? no problem!

Great for small spaces, condos, additions and when you are looking for improved temperature control in a specific room or area of the home. Since these systems don’t use ducts like a regular central air conditioner, the installation process is smooth and the unit is easy to access if you ever need a repair.

feel the difference with better indoor air quality

There is so much more to indoor air quality than just your furnace filter. While keeping the warm or cool inside, we also trap in organic compounds that circulate around and build up inside. Air inside can also become very dry and up to 5x more polluted than outside! Check out our HRVs, Air Filter Systems, Humidifier or even a UV Light.

Add an
air exchanger

An HRV (heat recovery ventilator) saves the heat but let’s out air pollution. Enjoy fresh air all year round.

upgrade to a bigger filter

Capture more pollutants when you upgrade a standard 1″ to a 5″ filter. Included on new furnaces with True Care.

Add A home Humidifier

Waking up congested, lots of dust or static in the home. A whole home humidifier might be the solution for you!

Not sure what option is right for you? Book a free consultation for improved air quality today!

Duct Cleaning

Moved into a new home? Recently finished a home renovation? Noticing dust in the air and want better air quality? It may be time for a duct cleaning.

+Gas Lines

Our licensed Gas Technicians service, repair, replace, relocate and install gas lines. We can also help with adding a gas line/hookup for your BBQ, gas fireplaces, and converting to gas stoves & dryers. Call us to set up a quote.


Need some ductwork or venting moved? Our Sheet Metal Technicians can move ductwork, add more heat vents or cold air returns and troubleshoot airflow issues. Call us to set up a free quote.


Gas lines and gas fireplaces go hand in hand. We service, install, repair, maintain and replace fireplaces. If you bought one already or want us to source one for you, we can certainly help with hooking it up! Call for help with your fireplace.

+Duct cleaning

You asked for it! We’re ready for you. Learn more or call now to beat the rush and save on your duct cleaning today. Call now for promotion pricing!


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