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Humidifiers are great additions to your HVAC system to control moisture levels in your home. Some refer to these as a ‘furnace humidifier’ because they’re attached to the side of the furnace and control your home’s overall humidity. Indoor air that’s too dry or too humid can be uncomfortable. If you live in a dry environment where you experience itchy skin, difficulty breathing, cracking in your furniture/antiques/instruments or lots of static, a whole home humidifier may improve your indoor quality. Talk to us about adding a humidifier and feel the difference. At Donaldson Home Services, we can repair your existing humidifier or replace it with a brand new humidifier so you can breathe better and feel better in your home.

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Adding a Humidifier

A humidifier can add moisture to the indoor air in your home to help it hold onto warmth longer to keep you comfortable for longer. Whole-house dehumidifiers address the opposite problem, getting rid of excess moisture in the air to prevent your home from feeling like a sauna. If you are looking into installing either of these systems, reach out to Donaldson for a job well done. 519-439-4328


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